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Fallen - EP

by Jo-dee

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Songs recorded many times already are given their definitive renderings by Jo-dee in this EP from the Legacy series. Her performance takes the darkish matter of my material and gives it a sassy interpretation. She delivers with a pop, rock and punk vocal sensibility worthy of anyone in the genre.


released August 3, 2013

recorded 2011

produced-arranged by CLARK SORLEY
assisted by BRIAN BELLINI

JO-DEE - vocals, backing vocals
CLARK SORLEY - compositions, piano, organ, bass
ALAN DALE - drums
COLIN KENNEDY - electric guitar
ROBBIE DALE - electric guitar
ALAN MCMENEMY - electric guitar
BILLY LAW - bass



all rights reserved


Clark Sorley UK

CS: Maker of recorded works, veteran studio guy; aka... producer, arranger, songwriter, composer & a total eejit for staying in the music biz too long!!

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Track Name: Fallen
Come fulfill my fantasy
Don’t you know I’m looking at ya
Come and taste iniquity
Stick it stick it stick it to me
Go right through me

Satisfy Me

I can make you
I can break you
I can take you
Any way you wanna go

I can fix you
I can sex you up
And lay you down on the ground
Don’t you know

I’m fallen down...

Don’t you feel my energy
Close your eyes and get the picture
Going down for indignity
Pain or pleasure what’s your measure
Tell me truly

Can you satisfy me
Track Name: Stellar (Pure Cinderella)
Guys that I go with
Don’t understand me
Come on like a queen bitch
Or playin’ eye candy

I don’t get no satisfyin’
What should I do
Should I give up trying
Well I really don’t think so
Never could accept that point of view

Don’t understand it
Oh what a crazy feeling
Wannit don’t wannit
Head and my heart competing

Maybe I’m stellar
And maybe they’re jealous
Maybe I’m stellar
Pure Cinderella

I play like a real star
Play independent
They tell me I'm too much
I tell ‘em I’m different

All I can say is get out the way
Try as you may but you’ll never stop me
I just wanna be myself
Okay so what the hell is wrong with that

Or a would-be superstar
Or a mud-slinging heart-breaking juvenile
Or a tortured genius caught up in trivia
Maybe I’m stellar
Till I get a fella

Don’t understand it...
Track Name: Playing Dirty
I’m not like you
Don’t really like you
What makes you think you’re better than me
Can’t be around you
Could do without you
Makin’ a scene and sighin’ a sigh

I can see you on the cover of a bad rag
I can see you happy hanging as a fag hag
I can see you gettin’ over what you never had
Sowin’ the wrong seed
Doin’ the wrong deed
It’s just a game praise or blame it’s all the same to you

Playin’ dirty
Playin’ dirty with me
(and everybody else)
Playin’ dirty with me

Ya think that it’s all about you

Men they do aspire
To be your heart’s desire
Seems to me they’re on a home run
Pickin’ up on tricks
Gettin’ in a fix
Don’t matter any which way will do

Tell the truth tell the world what you know now
Out of luck time is up you gotta go now
Stay the course play the field like you know how
Walkin’ out the door
Makin’ out for more
It’s just a game praise or blame it’s all the same to you

No two ways about it
I’m sick and tired of your sturm and drang
Bad connection gonna bring a disaffection
Track Name: Cry Baby
Anticipating blissed-out future
Perfect picture
Indicating system failure
Sooner or later

Go on and live for the day
Everyone’s got something to say
Too much loved-up sham emotion
Gonna end out in tears

It’s a crime baby
What a cry baby

Ha Ha Ha...
Cry Baby...
You’re livin’ such a lie baby

Random catch up gonna get ya
Not gonna let ya know
Live by the moonlight
Die in the sunlight
No better way to go

Such a heavy price to pay
Wanna pay it anyway
No more come-down conversation
Gonna burn out in style

What’s the time baby
Such a cry baby

Ha Ha Ha...
Cry Baby...
You’re livin’ such a lie baby
Runnin’ out of time baby
Hey what you done for me lately