To Die For Twice - EP

by Kevin Young

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V1 Sitting on the fringe of sorrow Not such a terrible place to be Sometimes I wish that I could only borrow A few seconds of your company V2 These recesses are where you lurk Between units of speed and dance And balding long haired men who can only smirk These guys would kill me given half a chance Ch Ma Sadie knows I want you Ma Sadie knows the score Ma Sadie knows all about how much I need you Ma Sadie know this is war V3 My old best friend resides in Germany Where he is polishing a turd Believe only in half of everything you see And nothing of what you heard V4 Whiskey boys telling each other their story Angels sit there drinking putting on weight I pass them all by on my way to glory I pass them all by on my way to fate Ch Ma Sadie knows how to please me Ma Sadie knows how to treat me kind Ma Sadie knows all about how you disease me Ma Sadie knows you're always on my mind V5 Tell my beloved she is one of God’s promises If you're ever doing the lindyhop Don't know when she'll stop that lawyer being my nemesis Don't know when the words will come down from the top V6 On the night we drank heroic quantities of red Bulgarian I believe I should have topped it off with sherry and then went to bed I should have kept that final trick there up my sleeve Ch Ma Sadie knows how to come from another world Ma Sadie knows how to hold her own Ma Sadie knows I want you to be my girl I wanna call Ma Sadie on the phone
V1 The body was strong tho' the soul was forgotten The words fit the song tho' the writer was rotten Like leaves falling down by the river in autumn They die tho' the trees think of spring Ch I might as well be down and out For I am the leaves and you are the trees I might as well be down and out You're standing so tall I fall to my knees V2 Like David you said I was perfectly made But from flesh instead as we illicitly laid Now that love is dead and the toll has been paid To Charon in the form of your ring Ch I might as well be down and out For I am the toll and you are the boat I might as well be down and out Each time I read the letters you wrote V3 The garment smells low tho' the tapestry's kind If your nose didn't know you'd care not to go blind In your field the crow has most solemnly dined On crops grown from the corpse of a king Ch I might as well be down and out For I am the corpse and you are the crow I might as well be down and out You're flying so high I'm lying so low V4 Now I would say more if sleep didn't call But the waves hit the shore and the sand it must fall Beneath the sea tho' a chore is made of it all By a clam with a pearl to bring Ch I might as well be down and out For I am the sand and you are the pearl I might as well be down and out
v1 I could see I shouldn’t stay So I took a trip my feet did slip I got wasted on the way You said go I said no way And my heart’s a rip And my mind’s a clip of me Wasted on the way ch You don’t see me answering the phone You won’t see me laughing in this bed alone You’ll see me walking down to your old home With my head down feeling heavy as a stone v2 By candle light your shadow’s flown And I lay awake in cold heartache Wasted while you’re gone I claw through my day just holding on To the hands I shake And the smiles I fake Wasted while you’re gone
V1 Well my bat had broken And I had dropped the ball Yeah my idol 'd spoken He was always bound t' fall Ch With my good girl by my side I got a place to run and hide I got luck when I throw the dice She's enough t' die for twice V2 All the windows smashing And the rain comes in All the whips are lashing Here come the pain again V3 And my bow had snapped there I feel lower than Lucifer Yeah my car got lapped there But I still had her Ch With my good girl by my side I got a place to run and hide I got luck when I throw the dice She's enough t' die for twice V4 I missed the boatman I got soaked to the bone Someone stole my coat man In the middle of a thunder storm V5 And the hounds were growling They were on my trail that night Black cats were prowling I had to stay out of sight Ch With my good girl by my side She's my place to run and hide I got luck when I throw the dice She's enough t' die for twice
Spending my time chasing Amy Spending my time in reverie Spending my time chasing Amy But Amy is never chasing me • All in my head I sometimes get her All in my head I sometimes do All in my head sometimes I make her smile But only in my head is it true • And I remember driving through Los Angeles with you I remember every wrong move, I remember every right move too I remember singing dance to the nightingale tune I remember what the fortune teller said I remember you crying in the bath of the hotel room I remember when you conceived in the bed I remember you • I'm sick of all these coincidental sightings I'm sick of this consequential curse I was eating in a cafe in London I look out the window to see who's visage but hers • Every time I see her my heart rate goes haywire I wish the earth would just open up and swallow me whole She wrote a song called "Living Room Blues" inspired by a picture above our electric fire And my songs once were enough to warm her soul • So I'm spending my time chasing Amy Spending my time imagining her I thought I seen her at a train stop on the west coast I went to catch her but it was a lookalike it wasn't her • And I remember stopping on a lay-by and climbing over the hill And you remember every time I ever cheated And I know you probably always will I remember double jeopardy in Arnold Stiefel’s bed I remember that he never liked my hat I remember how your face looked when your lips were painted red I remember I remember much more than that I remember you
v1 My buddy walked past the phone booth With only one thought in his head Pick up the receiver and call up his dealer For a bag of Afghanistan's best He fought he urge for about four weeks Then finally he gave in He looked out his needle and he cooked up his stuff And he indulged in his favourite sin ch Goodbye buddy goodbye I remember you best singin’ songs so sad They make a stone heart burst and cry And now that you're gone I wrote down this song To remember your name by Please don't let them forget the reason you're dead Let them always remember why v2 When Sammy sang and played guitar He used to stomp both his feet Bobbin’ his head and shakin’ his legs As his heart got a hold of the beat He was a jokerman he was a fisherman What a life his is to lose His little girl lost her Daddy 'cause he couldn't lose a habit 'Cause he picked up and decided to use



Kevin was one of the most gifted songwriters I ever worked with. Left alone for a minute a new work might appear such was the ready spark in his vast store of lyrical imagination.

The two tracks in this selection with my band arrangements (#3,#6) are from his early writings and speak with the authority of a much older voice. A few years later with his sound and delivery matured we recorded again. I'd never been sure if my musical contributions had matched his accomplished artistry so this time I simply got out his way in favour of capturing the moment while he sang with an acoustic guitar.

His style borrows from Americana but is no less authentic for that and shapes itself into a distinct, individual identity. Dylan and Cohen fans take note!


released August 2, 2013

recorded 2008 & 2012

produced: CLARK SORLEY

KEVIN YOUNG: vocals, acoustic guitar, compositions
ALAN FREW: electric guitars
JONO: backing vocals (#3)
TRACEY GRAHAM: backing vocals (#6)
CLARK SORLEY: arrangements, studio instruments, b-vox (#3,#6)


all rights reserved



Clark Sorley UK

CS: Maker of recorded works, veteran studio guy; aka... producer, arranger, songwriter, composer & a total eejit for staying in the music biz too long!!

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